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Food & Drinks

A mouthful of bliss

Imagine eating at the open air near the sea. As you savor each bite of deliciously prepared food, you can hear the calming sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. The sea breeze gently caresses your skin, and the aroma of the fresh food blends with the salty air, creating a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

The Restaurant

The finest of raw materials selected from micro-producers, blended to create imaginative dishes that arouse emotions and senses alike. Loyal to the culinary tradition of the Cyclades yet daring to explore whimsical twists, our restaurant menu navigates the ambrosial path of appetite.

Our Menu

Our menu offers a unique dining experience with its fusion of traditional Cycladic cuisine and modern culinary techniques. It features a range of authentic dishes with a twist, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. With creative and flavourful dishes, it will satisfy anyone looking for a new take on classic Cycladic cuisine.

The Beach Bar

Our all-day beach bar combines the traditional Cycladic aesthetic with a bold Tiki flair. Guests can enjoy a variety of delectable cocktails and unwind to the sounds of laid-back lounge music. Whether lounging in the sun or enjoying the sunset, our beach bar offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.


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